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Saturday, May 01, 2010

{BIRD NOTES} ~ May 1, 2010

Sandhill Crane © Paul Miller 4.30.10



Bird Notes




"Warbler Walk" - Saturday May 15 - 7:00am

Join local birder Richard Foye as he searches for Spring songbirds along the trails of the Brattleboro Retreat and other "migrant traps" along the Connecticut River. Meet at the "pull over" opposite the intersection of Cedar Street and Route 30.




SANDHILL CRANE in Vernon 4/30

Paul Miller reports that his son Peter spotted a Sandhill Crane in the pasture south of the barn at the Miller Farm in Vernon. It was in the company of several Canada Geese. When the geese flew off in the direction of the Connecticut River north of Vermont Yankee, the crane went with them. So, people keep your eyes open this bird could pop up anywhere in Vernon or Brattleboro.



White-eyed Vireo at Herrick’s Cove 5/1

Walking back from the point at Herricks Cove on the trail that cuts through the woods I stopped about mid way to locate a singing B&W Warbler. I did a bit of pishing and a White-eyed Vireo came up into the bushes next to me. I got some great eye level looks before it disappeared down into the thick brush. It was on the west side of the trail around 11AM this morning. Some other birds at Herricks today: 3 Yellow Warblers, 2 B&W Warblers, 1 White-crowned Sparrow, 3 Greater Yellowlegs, 2 Yellow-rumped Warblers, and numerous Warbling Vireos. Hopefully the White-eyed Vireo can be spotted tomorrow on Don Clark's A.M. bird walk. No sign of the Eurasian Teal this morning.



Broad Brook Boat Launch 5/1

Wood Duck M&F

Yellow Warbler 2 

Black & White Warbler

Blue-headed Vireo

Warbling Vireo

Ruby-crowned Kinglet


White-throated Sparrow 6

Swamp Sparrow



Vernon 5/1

Mallard 3

Red-tailed Hawk 2

White-crowned Sparrow 2

Killdeer 2

Bald Eagle




Spring Hawk Migration

Yes, hawks do migrate in good numbers in the Spring as well as Fall and Mt. Tom, MA in mid to late April is a great place to see them. Recently seen migrating over Mt Tom, MA were 544 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS and a BANK SWALLOW, and over Barre Falls there were 499 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS.

---Virtual Birder, Western Massachusetts RBA




The Spring migration is really starting to fire up. So, please keep those reports coming in so we can share them with everyone.



Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT


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