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Friday, May 27, 2016

{BIRD NOTES ~ May 27, 2016}


Bird Notes


A Life Bird and More

For the first time, I had a Yellow Warbler hopping around in my Shadblow-in-

bloom.  Then I saw a flash of orange in my Flowering Crabapple. It turned out to

be a Redstart, which I have never seen before. He flitted around there for quite

awhile. Later, I heard, then saw a Pileated Woodpecker fly by my window. Wrens

are building nests in two of my houses, while the Tree Swallows have again taken

up residence in another house.  A red-letter day!

---Mary Ann McLeod, Wilmington, VT


Hawk & Falcon

Birding at 60 MPH today passing thru the Rt 5/I91 Mass Pike toll booths. There

is a nesting Redtail inside one of the cloverleafs so we alway peel our eyes for

one when passing by. Saw one soaring yesterday and today there also was one

soaring over the toll booths and nearby woods. We were not the only ones paying

attention. Judging from the relative size, wing shape and vertical stoops with

quick elevation rebounds I think a local Peregrine was taking exception to the

Redtail's presence. There was another bird flying top cover to the one stooping

who got close enough for the Redtail to need to wingover and present talons.

Thanks to banning some nasty pesticides and the Cornell/Tom Cade/And Many

Others work we are being treated to scenes not seen in 50 years.

---Tom Prunier



A Cerulean Warbler was reported from Mount Wantastiquet in Hinsdale on May

20th and 21st and 2 Red-Necked Grebes and an American Wigeon were seen on the Connecticut

River in Hinsdale on May 22nd.

---New Hampshire RBA




The following is a list of species encountered on the 4th of 5 Saturday field

trips to the area in and around the Hinsdale setback, during Spring migration.


Saturday, May 14, 2016 - Hinsdale Setbacks
recorded by Susan James
45 species plus 4 species reported by Hector Galbraith

Am Goldfinch                       15
Am Redstart                          4
Am Robin                              15
Baltimore Oriole                   15
Belted Kingfisher                   2
Black-capped Chickadee         8
Black-and-White Warbler      4
Blue Jay                                

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher          25
Brown Thrasher                     2
Canada Goose                        16
Chestnut-sided Warbler          1
Common  Grackle                    10
Common Yellowthroat              3
Eastern Kingbird                    10
Eastern Phoebe                       2
Gray Catbird                          12
Great Blue Heron                    1
Hairy Woodpecker                  1
House Wren                            3
Least Flycatcher                     2
Mallard                                   2
Marsh Wren                           3
Mourning Dove                       2
N. Rough-winged Swallow       5
Nashville Warbler                  1
No Cardinal                            2
No Flicker                            10
Osprey                                  2
Peregrine Falcon                    2
Red-bellied Woodpecker       1
Red-eyed Vireo                     2
Red-necked Grebe                1
Red-winged Blackbird         25
Rose-breasted Grosbeak     2
Scarlet Tanager                   1
Song Sparrow                      8
Swamp Sparrow                   5
Tree Swallow                       4
Turkey Vulture                     2
Warbling Vireo                   15
Wood Thrush                      2
Yellow Warbler                  50
Yellow-rumped Warbler     40
Yellow-throated Vireo         5

Reported by Hector Galbraith:
Black-billed Cuckoo           1
Orchard Oriole                 1
Tennessee Warbler           1
Whip-poor-will                  1


West B. Birds

  1. Cardinal M&F
  2. Indigo Bunting  4 M
  3. Ruby-throated Hummingbird 2M 2 F
  4. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker M
  5. Red-bellied Woodpecker M&F
  6. Hairy Woodpecker M&F
  7. Downy Woodpecker M&F
  8. Bobolink (Abbott Rd. farm fields) several  M&F
  9. Ovenbird
  10. Red-eyed Vireo
  11. Warbling Vireo
  12. Veery
  13. Wood Thrush
  14. Chipping Sparrow   2
  15. Yellow Warbler   2
  16. White-breasted Nuthatch M&F
  17. House Finch M
  18. Catbird M&F
  19. Barn Swallow (several)
  20. Broad-winged Hawk
  21. Great Blue Heron (Ray’s Pond)
  22. Red-winged Blackbird
  23. Cowbird
  24. Goldfinch





Indigo Bunting


PLEASE share your birding news and photos with us, so we

 can all enjoy reading about your birds and birding experiences.


Al Merritt


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