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Thursday, October 24, 2013

{BIRD NOTES} ~ October 23, 2013

Bird Notes




“Butter-Butts” in Vernon
Lots of Yellow-rumps here on the corner in Vernon. They have been coming through for almost a week now. Saw them really close and even better, heard their sweet song whispering.  

---Judy Farley, Vernon, VT



Voices of Blackbirds

I just stepped out of my door to hear this unbelievable cacophony of blackbird noise.  Every tree was loaded with blackbirds and there was a steady movement from the trees to the N.  I guesstimated 700-1000 birds counting by 10s - no clicker moment here!  9:20 a.m.  Lasted less than 5 minute.  Birds mostly grackles, but I'm sure there were other species in the fold.
What a moment in the avian world!!!
---Ruth Stewart, E. Dorset, VT


Waterfowl at Turners Falls, MA

A Cackling Goose and a Greater Scaup were reported at Turners Falls on 10/22

---Trudy Tynan, Mass.


Connecticut Warbler in Winhall, VT

I stopped at the cul-de-sac on Snow Valley Rd. in Winhall today for my lunch around 2:15. Afterwards I scanned the scrubby opening west of the pond and besides the few song and white-throated sparrows, saw a Connecticut Warbler feeding in willows and dogwood on the edge. Seen very clearly through my binocs, blue-black head and throat, yellow chest, belly and under tail, and bold white eye ring.

--Pieter van Loon, Marlboro, VT


Prepare Your Yard for Wintering Birds

The cooler weather is setting in, and now is the perfect time to create a suitable wintering habitat for birds. From scrubbing out feeders, to cleaning out nest boxes, to building a brush pile in a corner of your property to offer songbirds shelter in extreme weather.




Please share your birding news with us.

Any new migrants?




What have you seen while on a trip?


Al Merritt






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