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Friday, December 16, 2011

{BIRD NOTES} ~ Dec. 16, 2011

Female American Redstart © Len Reitsma  12.14.11 Brattleboro, VT  and  Red-flanked Bluetail © Justyn Stahl,  San Diego, CA

Bird Notes


A Late American Redstart, Brattleboro,VT

A female American Redstart was reported to be hanging out at Jesse Wampler’s home on Beech Street. This is a real late date for this species which, because of the mild temperatures, was still able to find sustenance. But, with the frigid air moving in from Canada, it will need more than luck to survive. (See attachment).  If it is still around until  tomorrow (12.17.11) it will be the first ever to be reported on the Brattleboro Christmas Count.



Snowy Owl Update

The last sighting of the Snowy Owl was on the 14th flying south along Route 142 towards Vernon, VT.  It is probably still in the area, so be alert for it and let us know if you spot it. This bird will also be a first for the Brattleboro Christmas Count that takes place tomorrow.



More from Perugia, Italy

We have two more weeks in Italy before coming back to Brattleboro !!! As for UCCELLI (birds)  I've seen magpies and rooks poking around in fields, two hawks hovering over a chicken coop, sparrows, blackbirds, crows, and of course pigeons in the town center (Perugia). Nothing exotic and no notices of nature groups meeting that I could find. There are still two roses in bloom in the tangled garden below our apartment and fresh produce at a farmer's market 2 minutes away.Many trees still have green leaves,others turning yellow before falling. Cold but it hasn't gone below freezing yet. Sorry to miss the bird count...Ciao, Lerna  



Bird Unseen for 22 Years

Bird lovers are chirping with excitement following an extremely rare sighting in Southern California of a species that has only been spotted once before in North America, 22 years ago.

          A red-flanked Bluetail was seen by biologists on San Clemente Island northwest of San Diego, the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday (12/10/11). (See attachment)



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