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Monday, November 21, 2011

{BIRD NOTES} ~ November 15, 2011



Bird Notes

Westminster Coots

Sorry for the delayed posting.  There were 7 American Coots at Allen Bothers Marsh in Westminster on Friday.

---Mitchell Harrison



Birding Highlights for the Area

A few highlights birding around Brattleboro and Vernon this morning...
1 Long-tailed Duck at the Retreat Meadows
2 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers working a willow tree at home in W. Brattleboro
24 C. Goldeneye on the Connecticut River in Vernon

1 Northern Shrike at the Gateway Farm in West B.

---Dave Johnston, W. Brattleboro, VT



Bluebirds in Vernon

There were at least 7 Bluebirds feeding on the sumac along the railroad tracks at our farm this morning. I have seen them several times this past week or so.

---Paul Miller, Vernon, VT



Ciao Everyone

All is well here. For anyone wanting to see where we are on google maps, the address is Via Bulagaio, 31 / Perugia / Italy. We heard about all your snow but it is still like early fall here. Some of the trees are starting to turn yellow and a few red so I'm curious as to how it will develop.  I passed my level 1 class with a good score so tomorrow I start level 2 with a lot of my former classmates. They are friendly and fun so I hope the teacher isn't too serious!!!! 

          We have met a new Italian friend Renato, who invited us to his house outside of town for dinner. His wife, Monia, 2 of his older children, Serena and Andrea (boy)and Serena's Husband Marco and 4 year old Frederico, plus Renato and Monia's 3 year old Antonio (new marriage).A lovely feast, got home at midnight.

          Bill's friend Peppe took us to the festival of the first picked olives south of here in Trevi, a small hilltown. Besides a large street fair, they had a fire going, toast was being made and then it was dipped in the new oil and handed to you on a napkin, messy but delicious!  Also you could rub garlic on the toast and sprinkle salt on it.

          We went to the Etruscan well in the middle of town which was dug out of rock more than 100' deep. I then found the well in the piazza nearby where Etruscans pulled up the water. When the Romans came, they devised ways to pipe water to the houses.

          We have been to more concerts, a mezzosprano and piano (excellent, from USA) and a concert with violin, cello, and piano..Schumann and Hayden. Ciao!!!

---Lerna and Bill, Perugia, Italy



Eagle Owl Video

Check out this video sent to me by Steve Medved of Putney, VT. (Click on attachment and open with Real Player) An awesome look at an Eagle Owl at a thousand frames per second!




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