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Thursday, October 20, 2011

{BIRD NOTES} ~ October 20, 2011

American Coot


Bird Notes

Allen Brothers Marsh (10/19)

A bit more activity at the marsh this afternoon.
1 American Coot
1 Greater Yellowlegs
1 Belted Kingfisher
14 Wood ducks

---JoAnne Russo, Saxtons River, VT



Saturday morning in Vernon...(10/15)
15 American Pipits.  Going south on Rt 142 into Vernon, take a left on the unpaved road leading to the river just past the railroad tracks. The Pipits were in the fields on the left (north)
2 Greater Yellowlegs in 2 pools on the right side of the same road.

The stump dump off of Stebbins Rd...(10/15)
1 Vesper Sparrow perched on a stump
1 Field Sparrow
2 White-crowned Sp.
1 Lincoln's Sp.
Along with uncounted Song, Savannah, Swamp, Chipping, & White-throated Sp.
6 Ruby-crowned Kinglets
1 Nashville Warbler

---Dave Johnston, W Brattleboro, VT



Lake Champlain King Eiders? (10/20)

Watch for four eiders -- initially identified as King Eiders from head and bill detail -- for a match, see flight images of female King Eiders in the Sibley Guide to Birds.

The eiders  drifted into view from behind cedars to my left at 7:55, along with two  White-winged Scoters and three Goldeneyes. Eiders must have been present for the entire half-hour that I scanned the lake; and have been the "decoys"  that drew in the scoters which had flown in 15-20 minutes earlier.  Both the scoters and goldeneyes swam and flew north some more, then flew south.  The four eiders, still glued closely together, soon flew a bit  farther out into the lake, but were gone (south?) by the time I got back from  the house with a camera and lens extension

---Dave Hoag, Grand  Isle, VT






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