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Saturday, September 10, 2011

{BIRD NOTES} ~ September 9, 2011

Red-tailed Hawk © Paul Miller


Bird Notes



Miller Farm Red-tailed Hawk

Got these photos today while raking hay.

The first is when it was catching a mouse.

The middle one when it caught a snake.

The one in the tree was as it was consuming a mouse.

I saw it catch three mice plus the snake while I was raking.

Hope you enjoy.

---Paul Miller, Vernon, VT



To the Delight of birders, Irene Brought In Some Good Birds

Brown Booby (Cape May, NJ)

Red Phalarope & White Ibis (Wallkill River NWR, Orange County, NY)

Northern Wheatear (Croton Point, Harmon RR Station, NY)

White-tailed Tropicbird, Royal Tern and Black-necked Stilt (Rockaway Beach, NYC)

Golden Plover (Springfield Reservoir, VT)

Great Egret (Retreat Meadow, Brattleboro, VT)

Laughing Gull (Utica, NY)

Red Knot, Cattle Egret, and Willet (Pine Island, NY)



Migrants at Chipmunk Crossing (9/3)

Black-throated Green Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler

Black and White Warbler

Blackpoll Warbler

Red-eyed Vireo

Baltimore Oriole

Ruby-throated Hummingbird



Westminster Gobblers (8/31)

We just had a mother turkey and her ten adolescents spend time in our back horse pasture.  I tried to go to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Wild Turkey Brood Survey and couldn't get to any useful links, and I know today is the final day for the survey.*  I had to let someone know.  We are located in Westminster West off the Patch Road.

---Bev Major

*Thank you Bev, but we were unable to submit this info. Irene had us delayed in New York State.




Tuesday, September 20 - 7:00 pm


"Birding in Scotland"


Hector Galbraith cut his birding teeth in his native Scotland. He will take us on a return trip to seabird colonies, estuaries filled with migratory shorebirds, and let us glimpse some of the vagrant migrant songbirds which stir the twitching blood of British birders.  

This program will be presented in Brattleboro's Brooks Library's meeting room and is sponsored by Southeastern VT Audubon Society.


Please share your birding news with us. Were there any birds nesting in your yard? What have you seen while on a trip?

Drop us an e-mail

 Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT

Check out our website:



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