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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FW: {BIRD NOTES} ~ April 8, 2011


Bird Notes


First of Season Egret

At the Retreat Meadows from the Route 30 boat launch, a Great Egret was observed today (4/6)

---Parker Huber, Brattleboro, VT



White-winged Crossbills in Putney (4/6)

Glanced out at the feeder today, and to my surprise, saw a pair- male and female – White-winged Crossbills there, munching away at the black oil sunflower seeds.  A life bird for me!!  Got a great look at the  cross bills against the sunlit grass!! 

You never know what surprises you'll find at the feeder!

---Burt Tepfer, Putney, VT



Some First of Season Species (4/5)

A few good days in bad weather around my marsh:  8 Wood ducks, 1 pair of mallards, Eastern Phoebe is back, a Great Blue Heron came to visit, a pair of Canada Geese have resumed their annual nesting residence, the muskrat is active throughout the day, and finally, a Northern flicker.

My feeders have been hosting all the usual suspects as well as Fox Sparrows (a rare visitor in fall and spring) and Chipping Sparrows.  At dusk, the Woodcock are actively beeping and dancing their usual sidestep.

---Phyllis Benay, Brattleboro, VT



Awakening Bears (4/5)

Top of South Street, West Brattleboro - We had a visit from a BEAR on Saturday night about 1AM according to our neighbor who heard and saw the visitor.  Our feeders were down but not badly damaged.  Our neighbor's feeder didn't fare so well.  We are now just scattering seed on the ground.  Lots of Juncos, a resident pair of Cardinals, a Song Sparrow or two, Chickadees, Morning Doves, Blue Jays, and the occasional Red-winged Blackbird.  We have heard the Bluebirds but had not seen them.  Many Robins in the field where the snow has gone.

---Carol Barber, West Brattleboro, VT



FOS Tree Swallows (4/5)

Just a note to report our Tree Swallows arrived back this am. There are two pairs by the looks as they are already claiming two nest boxes. Also there are Snow Geese on the field toward the river. There were 58 of them yesterday and probably the same today. Had a Downy, a Hairy and  Red-bellied on our suet feeder at the same time yesterday. The Bluebirds have been around for some time.

---Paul Miller, Vernon, VT



At Chipmunk Crossing and Beyond (4/8)

The snow that still covers our little acre is slowly melting away and patches of grass are showing for the first time since late last year. Birds are starting with their calls and songs that at first escape our ears because we haven’t heard them for so long. Robins clucking, Cardinals whistling, Nuthatches yanking, Chickadees feebeing, Juncos trilling, Downys drumming, Crows clacking and the Goldfinch saying sweeeet. Isn’t it great to be hearing them again!

          At the Retreat Meadows today (4/8) were 20 Ring-necked Ducks, 6 Common Mergansers, a pair of Hooded Mergansers, a Great Blue Heron, and 2 Phoebes. There was a Red-tailed Hawk sitting in a tree at the corner of Western Ave. and the I 91 northbound off ramp.

          For the second day, there is a Great Egret in the cattail marsh behind the Target store in the Manadnock Market Place, Keene, NH.



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