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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

First Wild Bald Eagle Fledges in Southern Vermont!

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First Wild Bald Eagle Fledges in Southern Vermont!


After a decade of near misses the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has announced a successful nesting of the pair of Eagles in Rockingham. The Bald Eagle was removed from the federal endangered species a couple of years ago but it still remains on the Vermont list. The eaglet has been observed flying from nest to neighboring trees. There is still a long way to go for the youngster as their success rate is only 50 per cent and the long cold winter is yet to come. But, for now it seems to be healthy and active. A few years ago this eagle pair lost an eaglet to a predator and the following year their nesting tree blew down. Maybe the third try is a charm and we will all be able to boast of the first successful nesting of our nation’s symbol here in southern Vermont. The nest is on private land near the Connecticut River and not readily accessible to the public.


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If you go to from Doug Worrall Photography you will find a posting on Bald Eagles in Canada. "RGB says Bald Eagles have returned to the North Shoreof Cootes Paradise after a 50 year absence." Bald Eagle studies on Pollutants - Mercury, organic pollutants and habitat destruction are discussed.


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