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Saturday, July 10, 2010

{BIRD NOTES} ~ July 10, 2010



Bird Notes



Putney Meadows

An adult female Orchard Oriole was feeding insects to two fledglings this
morning(7/9) at the Putney Meadows in Putney, VT.
---Dave Johnston, W. Brattleboro, VT




Sunset Lake DC Cormorant

The photo of the water bird in a Putney pond looks similar to what I saw on Sunset Lake, while kayaking 3-4 weeks ago in the evening.

---Jan Drechsler, Guilford, VT


Local Sightings

A very active adult Coopers Hawk swung in overhead above the Achilles Agway in Brattleboro’s north end on Thursday. It was being harassed by a small blackbird. After making several diversionary turns to elude its pursuer it pumped off to the north. A curious Mockingbird sat on a nearby electric line watching the proceedings.


     The White Budgie with blue markings remains in the vicinity of its first sighting along Abbott Road in West Brattleboro and still seems very content to be hanging out with the family of House Sparrows from the Gateway Farm. Also at the farm and all along Abbott Road the Barn Swallows are gathering in good numbers on the wires. Does it seem possible that it is that time already?


     A juvenile Indigo Bunting has shown up at our feeder. This brings the Indigo total to five: 1 juvenile, 1 first year male, 1 breeding adult male and 2 adult females.





VPT Program Notes for Sunday, July 11


“BIRDING IN VERMONT” with Bryan Pfeiffer

At 5 p.m., another chance to see "Birding in Vermont."  Host Bryan Pfeiffer takes viewers on a year-round birdwatching tour of Vermont. Includes visits to backyard feeders, remote bogs and the state’s highest peak. Along the way, he shows how to make watching birds easy and exciting.



At 8 p.m., “Nature” presents “Eagles of Mull,” an insider’s guide to the thriving wildlife on a beautiful island in Scotland.  Populations of golden and white-tailed eagles have been revitalized.  






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