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Saturday, July 03, 2010

{BIRD NOTES} ~ July 3, 2010

Someone’s Budgie on Abbott Rd. West B.    Mr. Oriole Feeding Young © Dan Mosheim    D.C. Cormorant © Steve Medved


Bird Notes


Budgie/Parakeet Still Looking for a Home

The white & blue marked Parakeet (7/1) is still frequenting the hedgerow tangle along Abbott Road at the Gateway Farm in West Brattleboro. Upon further research I have found that the blue markings are truly that of the species and not man made as I first thought. We are still looking for the owner of this bird who seems to be holding it’s own in the wild with a family of friendly House Sparrows.





Bobolinks Return

 We're enjoying the chatter of the Bob-o-links in the little field across the road from us.  Many years we grew corn there; so they are enjoying a change of crop.   

---Mary and Paul Miller, Vernon, VT




Fishing/Birding on the Connecticut River

While fly fishing on the Connecticut River where the Cold River enters, I have had some good bird sightings over the past week.  There was an Osprey chasing a Bald Eagle, a mother Common Merganser with 15 young ones, Cedar Waxwings fly catching, many Tree Swallows, Chimney Swifts, a Cardinal, a Kingbird and a Great Blue Heron.

---Mitch Harrison


Feeding Fledgling Baltimore Orioles                                                                                                 

I was having my coffee yesterday morning when Kit said that the baby (Baltimore) Orioles were on the feeder. I didn't have my tripod at home, but managed to get a couple of decent hand held pictures anyway. This is something I have never seen before and I don't know how long it will go on, but it is a really cool thing to watch. This morning I was prepared, and the light was a little better. (See attachment) They didn't stay long, but I did get a short video that you can see by checking out my web site.

---Dan Mosheim, Dorset, VT



Putney Waterfowl

Steve Medved submitted a photo of a questionable species that had paid a couple of visits to his pond in Putney. I told him that I believed it to be a juvenile Double-crested Cormorant. (See attachment) What do you think?





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