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Monday, October 06, 2014

{BIRD NOTES} September 11, 2014


Bird Notes





A Large Brownish Lump

We cleared out an edge of our pond a bit and have welcomed a great blue heron for

several days. Today, Friday, the 22nd, I saw a large brownish lump on the pasture,

figured it was the neighborhood red tail, but it looked different. With binoculars,

lo and behold, it was a (Northern) Harrier, our first around here. Lovely when it

took off. 
---Barbara Evans, Dummerston, VT

Hawk Watch, Putney Mountain VT -- Month Summary: as of September 9, 2014

Osprey  18

Bald Eagle  9

Northern Harrier  1

Sharp-shinned  60

Coopers  5

Broad-winged  240

Kestrel  14

Merlin  1



Local Observations

Most of the Swallows have gathered and are on their way south.


Four Ravens were seen quite low circling and playing in the thermals being generated over

Dollar General in West Brattleboro.


A large mixed flock of chattering blackbirds passed over Greenleaf Street heading south.


A Great Blue Heron stood on the shore of the fire pond, corner of Abbott Road and

Ames Hill Road in West B.


The Nighthawk watchers at Westminster Station counted over 2,000  birds in the course

of a week around Labor Day.





P  R  O  G  R  A  M


Community Room, Brooks Library, at 7:00 pm

Southeastern Vermont Audubon programs are free and open to the public.


September 16


Susan Whittemore, Professor of Biology at Keene State College,

will discuss the phenomenon of endocrine disruption, or how certain

man-made chemicals are interfering with normal hormone function,

 with an emphasis on the detrimental impacts on wildlife






PLEASE share your birding news and photos with us so we can all enjoy reading about your birding experiences.



Al Merritt


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