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Monday, May 12, 2014

{BIRD NOTES} ~ May 13, 2014

Bird Notes

Red-necled Grebe Fall-out

25 RED-NECKED GREBES were seen on Lake Massabesic in  Auburn, 22 were seen

on Spofford Lake in Chesterfield, and 24 were seen on the Connecticut River

in Hinsdale, all on May 1st.


Nesting Woodcock

I Just wanted you to know that the eggs hatched on May 05, 2014.  Here is a picture of the mama and a baby....Wonderful!!!

---Geraldine Golet



NOTE: I have slightly enlarged and cropped this photo submitted by Geraldine Golet to make it easier to pick out the baby chick nestled near the tail of its parent.

Look closer at the far left side of the photo.  See it? The protective camouflage is perfect.



Hinsdale Set-back (5/7)

Myrtle Warblers (dripping from the trees and bushes)

Palm Warblers   14

Warbling Vireo

Black and White Warbler

Carolina Wren


House finch   3

Song Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow

Double-crested Cormorant

Osprey   2 (one perched near nest and one flying with fish)

Turkey Vulture

Canada Geese



Birds of Bhutan

The following photos were sent to us by Dr. Burton Tepfer who has recently spent a month in Bhutan in the Himalayas.


Gray-backed Shrike





Spotted Nutcracker





Kalij Pheasant





The following is a photo of the one Burt saw but wasn’t able to get a picture of . . . spectacular bird !


Himalayan Monal © Google





PLEASE share your birding news and photos with us.


Al Merritt

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