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Saturday, March 08, 2014

{BIRD NOTES} ~ March 8, 2014


Bird Notes

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Spring Ahead

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First of Year Red-shouldered Hawk

Yesterday a red-shouldered hawk graced me with a fly-by at Black Mountain, Dummerston. VT. My FOY
---Hector Galbraith, PhD



FOY Turkey Vulture Over Brattleboro

On March 1 at 2:45pm the first turkey vulture of the season was circling over Oak Grove Avenue.  Not a very "warm" prediction for the next few days.  Hope he does not end up regretting his early arrival.

---M. Wheelock, Brattleboro, VT



Early Northern Flicker

The past few days we have had a Northern Flicker at our feeders eating sunflower seeds on the ground.  Usually we don't see them until the ground is bare of snow so I'm wondering if other folks have had them as well.  He looks fat and healthy.

---Carol Barber, South Street, Brattleboro, VT



I saw a Kingfisher yesterday on the little pond below the waterfall at the Vt Agricultural/Education Center on So Main St on the way up to Ft Dummer SP. 

---Lani Wright, Brattleboro, VT



East Dorset Turkeys

A magnificent lone tom Turkey has been coming to the feeder the past 2 days with amazing regularity for breakfast, lunch and dinner....  how does he know what time it is??
I had a Woodcock fly across the road in front of my car at 6 pm on Sun.  What must he be thinking???
          Our lone meal-time turkey has been 'joined' by 5 other regulars this week.  All are wolfing down the cracked corn we began offering this a.m.  They obviously have been having a hard time getting through this crust of snow cover and are welcoming the easy pickings.  All the birds have beards, altho one has a very 'lacy' beard which is always spread out.  Can these are ALL be males? No other birds have come to the feeder while these guys are in the yard - ie none of the 15 blue jays or 12 morning doves!
---Ruth Stewart, E. Dorset, VT


Timberdoodles Have Arrived in Putney

I was surprised to flush a Woodcock from an alder wetland in Putney this morning considering the severity of the winter.
---Don Clark, Saxtons River, VT



Goshawk and Snowbirds

An adult N. Goshawk perched in a tree ~50' from our house this morning offering outstanding views before flying off above the woods. One of the joys of having a snow day! This is the second time I've seen this bird within a ten day period.


Also a lot of snow birds in Vernon this morning:

160 Horned Larks, 60 Snow Buntings, and 1 Lapland Longspur on Blodgett Rd. and 65 Horned Larks,30 Snow Buntings at the Miller Farm.

---Dave Johnston, West Brattleboro, VT



I'm looking outside now at about 25 Cedar (waxwings) and 3 sets of N. Cardinals amongst the Juncos and Finches.  Just beautiful !

---Phyllis Benay, Dummerson, VT






Don't know if these pictures will come through but two pheasants are running around in Dorset, Vermont. I believe they are escapees from Someday Farm which raisies them. 
---Barbara Powers, Manchester Center, VT


Two Pheasants in the middle of the road up by Long Trail School in Dorset




West Brattleboro Sightings

Robins were everywhere in the fruit-laden trees and floribunda brambles in W. Brattleboro. Cedar Waxwings were a close second. Nearby 2 Ravens croaked in a fly-by.




PLEASE share your birding news and photos with us.


Al Merritt






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