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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

{BIRD NOTES} ~ July 3, 2013



      Bird Notes



RE: Cecropia Moth

It turns out the Cecropia Moth (See photo June 18 Bird Notes)  was mating, there were 2 of them and they stayed there all day, just as the book said they would.  It was unbelievable to keep checking back and see them, the female had a larger abdomen and the male larger feather-like antennae and it was all very clear. 

---Carol Schnabel


RE: Where Are the Bobolinks?

Just a few notes on Bobolink nesting phenology that might be helpful.
This year, the rain has nailed a lot of our nests out at Shelburne Farms and we've had quite a few nests fail due to flooding or exposure.  In a typical year, we are just starting to see the first fledglings around 14 June, with a relatively rapid increase in fledglings out of the nest through around the 4th of July.  After that time, the rate of fledging begins to slow down, with most of the late fledges being a result of birds that are renesting after their first nests were destroyed by early cuts.  But, this year, we'll probably see a relatively greater proportion of nests fledge later in the season as Bobolinks have to contend with nests lost due to weather as well.
---Allan Strong


I Have Found the Bobolinks
I've got four Bobolinks in my yard, and this morning there were 16 in the field across the street. at Rogers Hill Rd.

---Ian Clark, West Newbury., VT


Strange Super Syrup Sipper at Chipmunk Crossing

Hollie Bowen spoke of having a Catbird visit her hummingbird feeder at the West Brattleboro Post Office.  Yesterday (6/23), we had an unusual visitor helping itself to the sugar solution at a hummer feeder in our yard . . . a male Downy Woodpecker.  He returned at least twice for seconds and thirds.



Eagle Over Herrick’s Cove

Bald Eagle flying north, nice & low over Williams River Bay with fish in his talons about 5 this p.m. (7/1)

---John Holme



S  P  E  C  I  A  L      P  R  O  G  R  A  M


"Backyard Bug Farming"


Monday, July 8, Brooks Library - 7:00 pm
Join Nate Erwin, entomologist, as he talks about his ongoing horticultural and

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Please share your birding news with us.

Any new migrants or nesters?

What have you seen while on a trip?


Al Merritt



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