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Sunday, July 22, 2012

{BIRD NOTES} ~ July 22, 2012


Bird Notes


The Blueberry Bandits

My computer had some glitches so you may not have gotten the images I sent a few days ago, but I thought you might like to see. I titled them THE BLUEBERRY BANDITS. They got inside my blueberry bush netting so I was able to get close for photos. (See attachment)

---Paul Miller, Vernon, VT


Of Hens and Poults

I had a similar experience with Wild Turkeys to what you describe, Al. Wednesday morning, somewhere around 9:30, I turned off Meadowbrook Rd. onto Upper Dummerston Rd. westbound. Almost immediately I had to stop to avoid running over a large group of poults, easily over a dozen. They were accompanied by at least two adult hens. I couldn't stop long enough to get a full count due to traffic, but it was quite an entourage.

---Ned Pokras, W. Brattleboro VT


Green Herons

This morning (7/21), about 7:30, there were 3 immature Green Herons perched in a dead tree on Mather Road in West Brattleboro. Tree is to the left of the home with the backyard swimming pool. Strange place to find them since there is no water (only the pool) or marsh nearby.

---Al Merritt, West Brattleboro


Hi, Al, I've been surprised to find a (Green Heron) nest 1/3 - 1/2 mile from what I think are good feeding grounds.  I suspect that your birds are another example of how far from water they may nest.  It’s amazing how far away they may be.   And kingfishers similarly.....   

---Betty Gilbert



White Pelican

VT birders might want to keep their eyes open for a White Pelican that I saw on 7/21 flying south low over the Mass Pike (I-90) just east of the Connecticut River.  That puts it about 40 miles south of the NH/VT/MA state line.  The way these birds wander who knows where it might be right now.  Maybe it will use the CT River as a thoroughfare to visit multiple New England states this summer.
---Mike Resch, Pepperell, MA




Please let us know what you are seeing/hearing so we can share it with everyone.




Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT


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