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Friday, July 20, 2012

{BIRD NOTES} ~ July 19, 2012



Bird Notes



Birds at the Curves

12 Great Egrets flew into a shallow area of the West River, viewed from the Curves parking lot off of Putney Road in Brattleboro, and were feeding from 7:30-8:30 this morning (7/17). 8 Least Sandpipers, 4 Killdeer, 2 Spotted Sandpipers, and 3 Great Blue Herons were feeding in the same general area.

---Dave Johnston, W. Brattleboro, VT



Cheaper by the Dozen

Yesterday (7/16) afternoon we were surprised by 4 Hen Turkeys when they arrived in our yard with their entourage of 19 poults that were in various stages of development. They trailed behind the hens mimicking  everything they did; Pecking grass and wildflowers that had gone to seed, jabbing at the ground, scratching the ground and pecking at it, etc. Amazing how they watch, learn and quickly retain that knowledge. They marched through the yard stopping once to grab an easy snack beneath the bird feeder, then continued on their way, finally disappearing into the heavily foliaged underbrush on the hillside. It was the largest contingent of young turkeys that we have ever witnessed here at Chipmunk Crossing. Today (7/18) they returned and were feeding in the wildflower meadow on the west side of our property. The hay is very tall there and most of the poults were out of sight.  Their presence was only revealed by the wiggling of the grass..                                                          



Balancing Owl Act

While riding his bike to Guilford, Burt Tepfer saw two large birds sitting on a wire that stretched overhead across the road in the distance. As he pedaled closer he could see that they were owls. Closer scrutiny discerned that they were young Barred Owls sitting side by side with heads turned slightly toward the side of the road. Looking in that direction he spotted the parent bird watching over them. Their unsteadiness led him to believe that it may have been their maiden flight from the nest.



The Owl in the Bird Bath

Al -  Do you want the picture of the owl sitting on the birdbath taken through a window at 5 a.m.? It’s not as clear as digital pictures taken close up.  (Martha, It is a Barred Owl)  Thank you, I'm glad to know exactly what it was.  (See attached Photo)  Now I can go look him up in my bird book.  I hope they like to eat red squirrels.         

---Martha Fenn, Brattleboro, VT    

NOTE: She also supplied the photo of the Black Bear



Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT




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