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Friday, March 09, 2012

{BIRD NOTES} ~ March 09, 2012

Barnacle Goose © Dave Johnston


Bird Notes



Barnacle & White-fronted Goose in Vernon

They are still being viewed in the large cornfield and manure pile east of Stebbins Road. Also beyond that location on and around an island in the Connecticut River that they, the Canada Geese and Mallards have been using as a roost..



Red-tail and Red Squirrel

While driving to town down Western Ave. yesterday afternoon, we glanced out the window to our left at a large bird that was eye level and racing by us in the same direction. It was a Red-tailed Hawk just gliding low over the sidewalk, legs extended and talons spread in attack mode. We were advancing just below the legal speed of 30, the hawk was exceeding the speed limit and dropping lower and lower until it hit the snowy ground with wings raised and a dusting of snow exploding.  Its target was a red squirrel which somehow managed to squirm loose and scamper up a nearby tree. By this time we had passed both of them and by looking in the driver’s side rear view mirror I could see the bewildered Red-tail standing on the snow looking around for its quarry which by now must have been sitting safely up in that tree with heart pounding.

Red-tail 0,  Red Squirrel 1 .



Bald Eagles performing in Guilford

Is it possible that eagles would be mating this time of year? (Yes, it is that time of year.)  My son saw two eagles lock talons and tumble earthward for several seconds before disengaging and flying off.  He thought they were fighting.  He saw the eagles on Sunday the 26th of February in the sky to the east of the Guilford Community Church.  He was in the parking lot behind the church, heard the "skreees" in the sky and thought they were going to crash into the woods before they flew apart.

          Also, can you pass on the name of the presenter who covered for the binocular expert at the last meeting?  He was sensational.

---Bob Glennon

(The presenter that evening was Paul Miller, who on such short notice, entertained us with a wonderful slide show presentation.)



Goshawk and Horned Larks in West Northfield, MA

South of Vernon, just over the state line into Massachusetts on West Northfield Road, we saw a Northern Goshawk sunning himself in a  tree at the edge of a stubbled  cornfield. It  flew off as we were setting up a scope for a closer look. Further along on River Road we came across a flock of 14 Horned Larks feeding in the plowed snowbanks at roadside.   



Migration in Progress

Many small, mixed flocks of Blackbirds (Red-winged, Cowbirds, Grackles and Rusty) have been observed flying north over the Vernon farm fields. On Tuesday afternoon a Bald Eagle was seen sitting atop the manure pile at the end of Blodgett Road in Vernon. Also observed were a huge flock of Mallards, 2 Turkey Vultures, many Robins & Killdeer in and over the fields and American Wigeon, Ring-necked Ducks and Common Mergansers in the river.





On Saturday Night, Set Clocks Ahead One Hour

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 Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT









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