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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

{BIRD NOTES} ~ January 4, 2011


Bird Notes



Trip Canceled

The Coastal Birding Trip scheduled for this Saturday, January 8, with Chris and Nissa Petrak has been CANCELED, out of weather prediction fears for another coastal storm.  However,  Chris and Nissa will be making a trip to the coast sometime this month.  If you would like to be notified of his plans (probably short notice -possibly the night before) send him an email:


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Vernon Dam Roost Continues (Dec. 31)

 About 4:00 PM the drake Barrow's Goldeneye flew in with about 20 C. Goldeneye above the Vernon Dam offering excellent views from the Vernon side. There were ~40 total C. Goldeneye, ~35 Black Ducks, ~ 45 Hooded Mergansers, ~ 30 C. Mergansers, and ~6 Mallards when I left at 4:30. Also observed by Don Clark and friends viewing from the New Hampshire side.
Happy New Year!
---Dave Johnston, W. Brattleboro, VT


We also had a Pied-billed Grebe and Red-necked Grebe!!
---JoAnne Russo, Saxtons River, VT


I-91 Owls & Hawks

Barred Owls are still being seen along I-91 to the north of Brattleboro by local motorists. Yesterday we spotted a mature Red-tailed Hawk just taking to the air from a grassy section of ground just north of the entrance ramp to the highway from Western Ave. A couple of times this fall/winter in the wooded section of hemlocks near our yard here at Chipmunk Crossing, a number of neighborhood crows has cornered, then flushed a Barred Owl that flies off in a NW direction.  Chris and Jennifer Lann took a video of a Christmas Day visitor – Barred Owl – at their new home on Sunset Lake Road in Brattleboro. The video can be seen on Shutterbug:






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