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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BIRD NOTES ~ April 22, 2009

Bar-headed Goose © Gerry James      Bloodroot by Al Merritt




Bird Notes



Today was “Earth Day”, I hope everyone was able to get out and do some “Green” thing.


Wildflowers in West B

Most of our focus this time of year is on migrating birds, but there are other beautiful things happening around us if we look closely. The annual display of Bloodroot is unfolding a half mile up Greenleaf Street on the right, in a field that abuts Ames Brook. Thousands of delicate white blossoms cover a half acre of an area that runs from the road to the brook. Slow down and take a look, it’s spectacular.



Southern Vermonters can be rewarded with a visual treat by taking a quick trip to the Turners Falls, MA, Rod and Gun Club. This morning there were 5 Horned Grebes in breeding plumage swimming around together and eating fish.

There were also at least 11 Red-necked Grebes, some in full breeding plumage, scattered about in the same area.


     On 4/20 the hi=lights of a walk along the railroad tracks by Broad Brook in Guilford, VT, included a flock of 45 Cedar Waxwings, 1 Pine W., 1 Myrtle W.,1 Eastern Palm W., and 5 Wood Ducks. The Pied- billed Grebe and Bar- headed Goose continue at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro.

---Dave Anderson, W. Brattleboro, VT



Wardsboro Birds

This morning in Wardsboro I heard a yellow-rumped Warbler singing, the grouse drumming at its normal spot on the stone wall, a yellow-bellied sapsucker calling and white-throated sparrows singing.  Last evening there were several flickers feeding with robins on the field.

---Mitch Harrison, Wardsboro, VT



Vernon Specialty

Paul saw a Meadowlark Friday afternoon as we were just north of the Miller Farm on Rt 142 about 2 p.m. 

---Mary Miller, Vernon, VT



Bar-coded Goose? 

Meg and I went down to the water-treatment plant this morning around 9 or so, and saw the Bar-headed Goose in with a small gaggle of Canada Geese, in the field up-road from the plant.  I'm trying to start an unfounded rumor that the goose has cross-bred with a Canada to create a new species, the “Bar-coded Goose”. This will be the easiest bird to identify, if you have a laser scanner . . . What the heck, it's only April 1st Plus 21!

---Ned Pokras, W. Brattleboro, VT



Birds of Missisquoi Wildlife Refuge on VPT

On Tuesday, April 28, at 7:30 p.m., “VPT’s Outdoor Journal” continues its seventh season on Vermont Public Television.  Among the stories is a visit to the great blue herons and osprey of Missisquoi Wildlife Refuge.  The program will be webcast live on at the time of the broadcast and archived on our website for video on demand. There is also a rebroadcast on the following Saturday at 10.


Please keep us abreast of what birds you are seeing, whether at home or on a trip in or out of the Windham County area.

Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT


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