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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BIRD NOTES ~ March 31, 2008

Pine Siskin in Breeding Plumage by Hilke Breder and Bald Eagle at Vernon Dam by Paul Miksis


Bird Notes


Hinsdale Setback

Along with the expected C. Goldeneyes, C. Mergansers, numerous gulls many great black-backed), the two bonded-but not apparently nesting Bald Eagles(See attachment showing the eagle standing in an old redtail nest.), several Ring-necked Ducks, and a couple of Canada Geese, Robyn and I had our FOY TREE SWALLOWS at the Hinsdale setbacks today, Thursday, March 26.

---Paul Miksis, Brattleboro, VT



West River & Retreat Meadows

Last evening(3/25)birds observed in the West River and environs behind the Marina Restaurant in Brattleboro: 1 Great Blue Heron, 1 Ring-necked Duck, 1 Belted Kingfisher, 3 Wood Ducks, 8 Hoodies, 8 C. Mergansers, 14 Mallards, ~ 130 Canada Geese, 4 Killdeer, 2 Ring-billed Gulls, 9 Turkey Vultures, numerous Song Sparrows and Red-winged Blackbirds.


About 4:00 today(3/29) there were 3 REDHEADS, 2 drakes and 1 fem., in the Retreat Meadows out from the boat launch on Rt 30 along with a pair of A. Wigeons, 2 Green-winged Teal(drakes), 1 drake Wood Duck, a pair of Black Ducks, and 2 pairs of Mallards. Beautiful colors to brighten a gray, rainy day!! The lone drake Ring-necked Duck continues in the pond below the Top of the Hill Grill on Putney Rd. 112 Canada Geese were foraging and swimming around the sandbar area in the West River from the Marina side.

---Dave Johnston, W. Brattleboro, VT



Siskins Still Here (3/29)

Today on my feeder a brilliant male pine siskin (See attachment) in breeding plumage; I wonder whether a few of these boreal visitors will remain behind and build nests here. They are still present here in large numbers along with chickadees, white and red-breasted nuthatches, and tufted titmice - no goldfinches though.

---Hilke Breder, Brattleboro, VT



Allen Brothers Marsh (3/28)

The ice has gone and the water is high at the marsh on Henwood Hill Road in Westminster West. Today there were 2 Bluebirds(M&F), a female Kingfisher with shiner hanging from bill, a Raven, a pair of Wood Ducks, several Mallards, a number of Canada Geese and a mixed flock of Redwing Blackbirds and Grackles.



Roundies Cove (3/28)

The next cove north of Herricks Cove, produced 23 Common Goldeneye.



Upper Dummerston Road (3/28)

There were 15 Wild Turkeys in the cornfield across from the Brattleboro Country Club. Some were  feeding in a manure pile while a few of the toms strutted about with tails fanned and wing tips dragging on the ground.



Hinsdale Setbacks (3/28)

    2 American Wigeon

    2 Green-winged Teal

   16 Ring-necked Duck

    1 Great Blue Heron

    2 Bald Eagle

---Lance Tanino, Keene, NH



Herrick’s Cove (3/28)

    6 Snow Goose

    1 Barrow’s Goldeneye

    1 Bald Eagle

    3 Red-tailed Hawk

    1 Greater Yellowlegs

   19 Ring-billed Gulls

    1 Belted Kingfisher

    4 Song Sparrow

---Lance Tanino, Keene, NH



Please keep us abreast of what birds you are seeing, whether at home or on a trip in or out of the Windham County area.

Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT


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