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Friday, November 07, 2008

BIRD NOTES ~ Nov. 8, 2008



Dickcissel by Len Medlock

Bird Notes




The attachment is a photo that appears to be a first year Dickcissel that was taken by Len Medlock on a Brookline Bird Club field trip to the New Hampshire seacoast last weekend. Dave Johnston of Brattleboro was credited with the spotting of this rare visitor that so many times gets overlooked because of its “just another sparrow” appearance.



Enjoyed the newsletter today! 

Our five Bluebirds were hanging around the fence yesterday.

Today the Great Horned Owls were hooting about 4:00 a.m.

---Paul Miller, Vernon, VT



Well, I have some birds out there who are angry at me as I forgot to mention them in my recent report on bird visitors to our yard.  The staid and stolid, steadfast visitors who keep us with smiles on our faces and warmth in our hearts are the White and the Red–breasted Nuthatches, the Chickadees, Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers and the Blue Jays. A most dependable group!  

---Barbara Cole, Wilmington,VT



Can Anyone Help

This afternoon, from our picture window overlooking the ridge across Western Ave. (is it callled Meeting House Lane Ridge?), I watched a flock of white birds fly back and forth below the ridge for about half an hour.  I was unable to tell at this distance what they were, but I wonder what they were doing.... maybe just enjoying the late afternoon sunshine!

---Judy Myrick,  W. Brattleboro, VT



Retreat Meadows

There has been an adult Bald Eagle fishing the waters of the Retreat Meadows over the past three days, 11/4-11/6. There were also ~30 Hoodies, 35 C. Mergansers, 15 Ring-necked ducks, 1 Bufflehead, and 1 Pied- billed Grebe. Yesterday afternoon there was one C. Goose that had a yellow neck band labeled "G23".

Dave Johnston


Your Canada Goose would be worth reporting. I believe the 'G' indicates that the bird was banded in Greenland. I don't have the details with me now, but remember reading an online request about a month ago for reports of Greenland Canada Geese.        ---James P. Smith, Amherst, MA.



VT PBS Program Worth Watching

Sunday, Nov. 16, at 8 p.m., “Nature” presents “American Eagle,” the story of how the once endangered bald eagle has come roaring back.  Emmy-winning cinematographer Neil Rettig documents life in an eagle nest.




Redbird in Marlboro

Hollie Bowen called with voice filled with excitement, “I had a redbird in the top of a tree in my yard at 1013 Stark Road. Upon further examination with my binoculars it was a male CARDINAL! That was the furthest thing from mind because we had never had a cardinal here before at this high elevation. It was beautiful.”



East Orchard Street, W. Brattleboro

While driving home along E. Orchard we came across a pocket of bird activity in a brushy area across from the corn field. One Eastern Bluebird, a small flock of Goldfinch with a few Pine Siskins mixed in, and a couple of Robins and several immature Cedar Waxwings that were feeding on some unidentified red berries.



Fishing Eagle

From the parking area near Curves just above the West River we spotted the Bald Eagle that Dave Johnston had reported, as it fished the waters of the West River. On the first pass it swooped low over the water with talons extended, and came up empty footed. After perching in a tree for a short period of time, it made another attempt. This time we could see that it had successfully snagged a fish. It flew with it to a low tree stump where it  enjoyed its repast. This is the 4th day that it has been reported there, so the food must be good. If you are in the area check it out. You may be lucky enough to catch our nation’s symbol in action.




Please keep us abreast of what birds you are seeing, whether at home or on a trip in or out of the Windham County area.


Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT


A friend is someone who reaches for your hand

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