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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bird Notes ~ March 19, 2008

Bird Notes



The following report was submitted by Dave Johnson, West Brattleboro:



I observed a pair of GREEN-WINGED TEAL just above the Vernon Dam.



Late this afternoon(3/14) I observed 10 WOOD DUCKS (7 drakes) drifting down the West River on the Marina side in Brattleboro. Also, there were 4 PINTAILS (3 drakes) present along with C. MERGANSERS, HOODIES, BLACK DUCKS, MALLARDS, and C. GEESE.

  This morning there was a flock of 42 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS next to our house in W. Bratt., and about a mile down the road a flock of 25 CEDAR WAXWINGS with a couple of Bohemians mixed in were perched by the road. The Bohemians have been in W. Brattleboro for a week now. The pine grosbeaks appear to have moved on.



Marina side of West River in Bratt.


1 mature BALD EAGLE


Along Rt 142 to Vernon:

1 N. SHRIKE across from Cersosimo Railway Center Several C. GRACKLES and 15 CEDAR WAXWINGS

A pair of RED-TAILED HAWKS in a tree at Broadbrook

7 AMERICAN WIDGEONS above Vernon Dam

Caldwell Rd., W. Northfield, MA, just south of Vernon ~30 SNOW BUNTINGS with ~60 HORNED LARKS in the manured fields



Tuesday marked the 12th day of BOHEMIAN bliss. Over this period of time the flocks in W. Brattleboro have ranged from ~40 to yesterday's 230-240. I have not been spotting any cedar waxwings within these flocks, but have observed separate small flocks of between 10-30 cedars in the same general area. The waxwings are feeding mostly on bittersweet.



S. Newfane Owl

A BARRED OWL has been a regular visitor to our feeder this winter, and we wanted to send you this photo taken from our living room window. (See attachment)

---Linda Aldrich and David Miller, South Newfane, VT



Vernon (3/16)

Kestrel (at corner of Gov. Hunt and Rt. 142)

Red-tailed Hawk (a pair on Pond Rd.)

Bluebird (1 on Pond Rd. and 1 in Paul Miller’s yard)

Canada Geese (Several skeins flying north)



West Northfield, MA (3/16)

Horned Lark  10

Red-tailed Hawk

Robin   25

Cardinal M&F

Cedar Waxwing  5

Bluebird  M

Canada Geese (many Vs heading north)



Turkey Trot

We have two groups of Turkeys visiting us at Chipmunk Crossing. There are ten in each group that consist of a few jakes with their harem of hens. When they first started coming it was one big group, but as spring approaches the Toms start feeling their oats and gather up their hens. We couldn’t afford feeding them mixed seed as they were gobbling (no pun intended) it up like crazy. So 100 lbs. later they were switched to cracked corn. Which seems to satisfy them just fine and we see them twice a day.


Yesterday I watched as a crow landed near them to partake in the bounty. One of the hens immediately ran toward it and it flew to the top of a snow bank. The hen followed with neck outstretched and feathers ruffled. The crow retreated and flew up to a low tree branch, again the hen followed and the crow flew up higher to another tree and voiced its displeasure. The chase stopped there and the hen returned to eating the corn. The crow became very vociferous but soon flew off from its lofty perch.



Please keep us abreast of what birds you are seeing, whether at home or on a trip in or out of the Windham County area.


Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT


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