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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bird Notes ~ March 14, 2008

Bird Notes


During a quick trip today(3/13) over the border to a shopping plaza in Keene, NH, I saw my first NORTHERN SHRIKE. It was singing way up in a tree. Fortunately I had taken my camera along and so got some pictures; also, in the same area I got photos of a RUSTY BLACKBIRD in dark breeding plumage. In addition I saw two first TURKEY VULTURES cruising through the air. It was a good trip!

I posted some photos here:

---Hilke Breder, Brattleboro, VT



A BOREAL CHICKADEE has been visiting bird feeders at a home on the Newfane/Wardsboro town line regularly this winter. It comes with a flock of Black-capped Chickadees, usually several times a day. I was able to visit the home owners this morning. After waiting about ten minutes, the Boreal Chickadee made several visits to the suet feeder and a couple of quick trips to the seed feeder.

     It is rarely reported as far south as Windham County. The last report that I know of was during Christmas Count week (3rd week in December) in 2000 when a Boreal Chickadee made a very brief visit to a feeder in Brattleboro.

Photos are at: Tails of Birding -

---Chris Petrak, South Newfane, VT



One day this week there was a COMMON REDPOLL singing and singing on top of an apple tree, and 100 feet away two BLUEBIRDS were warbling to each other.  It was fun to be serenaded by both  winter and spring. Thank you to Mary Miller for the wonderful photo of a Magellan Woodpecker

---Susan James, Guilford 



There was a lone KILLDEER resting on the snow in a field across from the Brattleboro C.C. Tuesday morning,3/4. It hung around for about an hour before taking off.

---Dave Johnston, W. Brattleboro






There were 9 N. Pintails at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro today.

---Don Clark, Grafton



Yesterday I took my dog for a run on the West River path by the Marina but did not stay too long because of an icy northwesterly wind. The river was open in place but no birds anywhere in sight, not even crows nor yet any red-winged blackbirds.

     However at my feeder, which hangs in a sheltered and sunny area, I found in addition to the usual flock of mourning doves and resident downy woodpeckers a female red-winged blackbird picking up fallen seeds underneath - surprisingly colorful in fresh, not yet worn away, plumage. There was also a brightly colored male house finch, first singing loudly and sweetly from the top of a nearby tree, and then visiting the feeder. Today a red-bellied woodpecker came by.


I posted photos at

---Hilke Breder, Brattleboro, VT




I have just been watching a large (35-40) flock of mostly BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS from my kitchen window.  They are flying around the treetops along the Whetstone (Brook).

     Last Friday while snowshoeing at Pauchaug Brook in Northfield, MA, I was surprised to hear, and then see, a BELTED KINGFISHER along the brook.  There were several WOOD and BLACK DUCK pairs, as well as the usual MALLARDS.  A pair of RED-TAILED HAWKS circled overhead, while a single (!) RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD called from the swamp.  I am sure that by now he is no longer alone! 

     On our way home, we walked along the east side of the West River and watched an adult BALD EAGLE cruise by and land in a tall pine at the southeast end of the Retreat Meadows. 

     The other interesting sighting was a leucistic ROBIN in with a large flock of Robins in my backyard yesterday.  Because of its strange markings, I did my best to make it into a Fieldfare, but with no success!! 

---Nori Howe, W. Brattleboro



We had our first flock of approx 15 male RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS in our yard on Sunday, March 9 (sorry for the late report).

     I didn't have much time to sit and watch today(3/12), but about 3:00 this afternoon I saw 3 RW's, 2 GRACKLES, 2 AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS, several JUNCOS, 1 male and 1 female (appear to be first-year) CARDINALS out under the feeders and 1 TURKEY VULTURE circling over our backyard.  Finally, spring signs...

---Laurie Miner, W. Brattleboro



Marina Road at Retreat Meadow


Common Merganser (2)

Hooded Merganser (3)

Red-winged Blackbird

Canada Geese (12)



Common Merganser (2M, 2F)

Hooded Merganser (4M, 5F)



Red-winged Blackbird (8)

Downy Woodpecker



Please keep us abreast of what birds you are seeing, whether at home or on a trip in or out of the Windham County area.


Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT


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