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Saturday, December 02, 2006

[BIRD NOTES] Dec. 2, 2006

Bird Notes


Herrick’s Cove Birds

Today(11/29), I conducted the Herricks Cove IBA survey. The water level was the lowest I have ever seen it there, leaving expansive mudflats. Highlights of the survey included, 1 female Black Scoter, 1 Bonaparte's Gull, and 1 possibly 2 Winter Wren(s). After the survey I stopped in at the Allen Brothers Marsh where I found 116 mallards, 12 Black Ducks, 1 Northern Pintail, and 1 Wood Duck. This was the largest concentration of mallards I have ever seen here in Windham County.

---Taj Schottland, Putney, VT



Waterfowl at Cersosimo Set-back

Today(11/30), I stopped briefly to scan the water impoundment along Rt. 142 near Cersosimo's. Along with 40+ Common Mergansers, and 8 Hooded Mergansers I found a tight flock of 9 Red-throated Loons.  Does anyone know the status of Red-throated Loons here in Southern Vermont? This year I've found two flocks of this species here in Brattleboro. Do they occur along the CT river most years?

---Taj Schottland, Putney, VT



I took a walk on the east side of the Retreat Meadows yesterday and learned the Carolina Wren song.  There were several of them out there singing away loudly.  Two Great Blue Herons there too.

---Jeff Nugent, Brattleboro, VT




Alcids & More at Boston’s North Shore

Rick Heil’s Red-throated Loon movement continued past Halibut Point(Rockport, MA) today 11/29, (albeit at a lower level). Between 8 and 9 this morning approximately 100 flew south. Also flying south were about 30 Razorbills, 6 kittiwakes, and 1 Thick-billed Murre on the water. In the scrub along Gott Rd. in Rockport, we (Chris Petrak and I) also had a late White-eyed Vireo. At Gloucester we had 2 Iceland/Kumlien’s Gulls.

---Hector Galbraith, Dummerston, VT



More Cersosimo Set-back Ducks-12/1/06

Ring-necked Duck 20

Common Merganser 10

Hooded Merganser 6


14 Days ‘til Christmas Bird Count


The count this year will be held on Saturday December 16th. The usual 15 mile diameter circle is divided into seven areas. 30 volunteers have been assigned to cover the areas, but we are still in need of more help with doing feeder counts. There are many of you participating in the Backyard Bird Count for Cornell. It would be of great help to Southeastern Vermont Audubon Society if you would do the same sort of count for us on Saturday the 16th. Be sure to take the highest count of a species that you see at any one time. IE: If you see 2 Titmice then later see 4 Titmice, you would take the higher number 4.


You may e-mail the results to me or call in your results to Hollie Bowen Love (254-9087) or bring them with you the evening of the 16th, to our Potluck Covered Dish Supper. It will be held at Hollie’s residence, 19 Whipple Street, Brattleboro, VT. Spouses and significant others are welcome.


Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT







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