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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{BIRD NOTES} ~ March 20, 2013

Bird Notes


Of Flying Squirrels & Eagles

We've had infestations of Flying Squirrels here in West Wardsboro, but never this early in the season.


I had wondered about the "Hinkley" story.  I used to swim at Hinkley Reservation, a county park and also the site for the famous Turkey Vultures that return there every year on a particular date.  Never saw a Bald Eagle there, however.  But I have seen a number of Bald Eagles on the river between downtown Wilmington and the (Harriman) reservoir during the past year. One sat in the tree across the road from Nido's as I had my tires changed. Not sure that they have been there lately.

---Jeremy Schrauf, West Wardsboro, VT



Green River Mergs and a Timberdoodle

I just saw 4 (Common) Mergansers on the Green River this afternoon (3/15), 2 males and 2 females.  Also, on Tuesday morning around 6:30 am I was walking down the driveway in the dark and I thought I heard a Woodcock.  Has anyone seen one yet?  We get them in this area but we still had a lot of snow that morning (less now but most everything is still covered with snow).

---Carol Schnabel, Guilford, VT



Shrike vs. Chickadee

The shrike was back yesterday and this time we saw it take a chickadee and fly up to the top of a tall maple. It held the chickadee by its toes, then transferred it to its beak and flew off into the woods. Fifteen minutes later it was back and gave chase to another chickadee. They both flew over our house and up into the woods where we lost sight of either of them. It was interesting watching the chickadees break their cover in the forsythia and quince bushes and try to outfly the shrike. The shrike was able to manuever in the shrubs quite well, which might have explained the above behavior of the chickadees. My son compared  the flight differences between the two birds as a biplane trying to outfly a jet. It was amazing to watch all this from a short distance---mere feet at times. I tried to get a photo, but the action was much too fast.

---Karen Murphy, West Guilford, VT



Shrike vs. Dark-eyed Junco

I have heard there is interest in Northern Shrike sightings. I have been having one around for a few months--I live on Putney Mountain. Watched it catch, impale and eat a Dark-Eyed Junco--and fly off with it. I have mixed terrain/environment, so have a great a variety of birds.

All the best,

---Lucinda Alcorn, Putney, VT



Peregrine Flyover

While checking out the West River along Green Tree Road near the Marina, we found 5 Common Mergansers and the usual numbers of Canada Geese.  But, the best bird was a Peregrine Falcon that circled above us before flapping off in the direction of the Connecticut River, south.



Mark Your Calendar

Bob Engle’s program “The Wolves Of Yellowstone was postponed because of the last storm of the winter season. It will take place instead on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 7 p.m. in the Brooks Library meeting room.



A Note from Washington State

Actually I'm glad to hear that Bob's program has been postponed, as I'm skiing in Washington State and was going to miss it. There's no wildlife to watch here besides Pine Martens, Mountain Goats, some tiny shrews, Bald Eagles, Flickers, Juncos, Crows & Ravens, and Canada Geese down on the Columbia river. Also hearing several birds whose twittering calls I don't recognize.

---Malcolm Moore, Marlboro, VT








Please share your birding news with us.


What have you got coming to your feeders?


What have you seen while on a trip?


Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT





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