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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

FW: [BIRD NOTES] May 23, 2007



Bird Notes



A quick stop at Herricks Cove late this afternoon in the rain found the apple tree on the point alive with feeding birds including: Orchard Oriole, N. oriole, Blackpoll, Redstart, Yellow, Yellow-rump, B&W & Wilsons Warblers, Cedar Waxwings, Chickadees, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Warbling Vireo & White Crowned Sparrows. Also Green Heron, Gadwall, Wood Ducks, Semi-palmated Plovers, Least Sandpipers & 5 species of Swallow.  Wood Ducks trailing young at Allen Bros. Marsh earlier in the day.

---Don Clark, Grafton, VT



There is a pair of nesting Bluebirds at the rock meadow conservation area in Belmont, Mass, north of Boston. Also a pair of Wood Ducks on Lyman Pond, Waltham, just south of Bentley College.

---Doreen Pugh, Waltham, MA



On the 15th of May there was a phenomenal fallout of migrants at Plum Island. 138 species of birds were recorded. The vast majority of these birds, all but the Rock Pigeon, were seen from the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

---Tom Wetmore, MA



On wed AM I saw and heard a blue wing warbler from the railroad bed in Hinsdale. It was only about 20 feet off the trail. I heard the bee buzz (I just saw one in Cape May last week) and found him right away. It was just a short way past the gate (1/8th mile) walking toward the dam on the left. I was pretty excited!!!  He was sipping nectar?? from tree blossoms and a chickadee kept chasing him off, but then he'd come right back. Very cool!!!

---Lani Wright, Brattleboro, VT



The large crabapple outside my window has a glorious profusion of pink-purple blooms this year and is a major early morning stop for a variety of songbirds. I had a good long study through the open window at a Cape May Warbler, Tennessee Warbler, and a Parula Warbler, as well as an Indigo Bunting, a female Common Yellowthroat Warbler, plus Cardinals, Goldfinches, and the other usual denizens of the town. The Indigo Bunting in particular was stunning amidst the blossoms in the morning light. I wish I had had a telephoto camera ready.

---Mary Lea, Cherry St., Brattleboro, VT



Had a new yard bird this morning - a female Mourning Warbler. 

---Hector Galbraith, Dummerston, VT



Our week on Plum Island was sensational. There were several days where there were so many warblers that they were everywhere you looked, and by the hundreds. We managed a total of 122 species, by far a record for us, all but seven or so seen/heard on Plum. This includes 17 species of warblers. Both of us saw most of them, but Rob managed a Cape May, the Whimbrel and Ruddy Turnstones. We had great listens to the King Rail and several Soras but they remained tucked away.


Other highlights:

Blackburnian W.


American Avocet

Wilson's Phalarope

Common Moorhen



Great looks today, Saturday, late afternoon, at the pair of Sandhill Cranes on the cornfields on Caldwell Road in W. Northfield , MA 

---Paul Miksis & Robyn Flatley


Lesser Sandhill Crane                           © Paul Miksis                           Greater Sandhill Crane




I had an INDIGO BUNTING (male) in my yard today, and I also enjoyed watching a male and a female ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK having a late lunch together.

---Laurie Miner, West Brattleboro, VT




At Allen Pond today:  several yellow warblers, two actively building nests; warbling vireo, also building nest; several redstart, 4 great blue herons, wood duck with 10 babies, baltimore oriole, least flycatcher, tree swallows, mallards, canada geese, red wing blackbirds, song sparrow, tree sparrow.

---Marilyn Tillinghast, Putney, VT




Broadbrook Boat Launch in Brattleboro


Warbling Vireo 2

Yellow Warbler 4

Common Yellowthroat 1

Chestnut-sided Warbler 2

Baltimore Oriole (numerous)




Bald Eagle (2nd year and 3rd year birds) We watched them for about 10 minutes circling and calling then chasing each other, sometimes with legs and talons extended.




Please keep us abreast of what birds you are seeing, whether at home or on a trip in or out of the Windham County area.


Al Merritt

W. Brattleboro, VT



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